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Horizon Search

We come with over 25 years of recruiting and HR experience. We are dedicated professionals who have a passion for helping make the world a better place one position and one candidate at a time. Through our extensive industry experience we have developed an effective method of recruiting that emphasizes integrity, communication, transparency and cooperation. We partner with industry leading organizations to help them fill pivotal roles within their companies as well as assist job seekers in taking the next step in their careers. 

Everyone has a calling and ours is to help companies grow and serve their customers more efficiently and effectively and help the hard working employee find the job satisfaction that they deserve. To say we live and breathe recruiting might be a little misleading, because we also eat it, drink it and dream about it while we are sleeping.

Our Vision

We strive to help business owners develop the effective company culture and workforce that drives productivity and help candidates find roles where they can grow their skills and contribute to a like-minded organization, and have fun while doing it.

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